clean green fuel from oxford’s used cooking oil

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Goldenfuels is a workers co-op which has been making and distributing biodiesel in the Oxford UK area since 2003. Our biodiesel is a green alternative to conventional diesel which will run in almost any Diesel vehicle without conversion or even needing to drain your tank. Just fill up with biodiesel and massively improve the environmental and ethical impacts of your vehicle use.

Not all biofuels do this, but our biodiesel does

If you are interested in running your Diesel engine on biodiesel please look at our supply details or vehicle compatibility information.

We also offer accessible and comprehensive training courses, consultancy, a book and small scale reactors


exciting variety of biodiesel plant for sale

free used cooking oil collection service

For a wealth of information on low impact living check out the superb LILI website with fact sheets, forums and a huge variety of courses.

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1000l of fuel delivered to your business or home. Click here for info. Now Available to Order!

titration kits

Titration kits are now 1/2 price! Just £45 inc. VAT + £10 p&p

email us for details and to order